The Future.

SCJ are constantly looking towards the future. With rising fuel prices and an emphasis on carbon output, eco friendly homes are expected to demand a cash premium and not just tug on people's conscience. The UK is in the process of adopting a broad-based sustainability assessment system, the Code for Sustainable Homes, where points are awarded for a range of possible sustainable features.

SCJ are making a a specific effort to take an interest in modern building techniques in order to increase the energy efficiency of new builds, extensions and the retrofit of existing properties. By reducing the energy output of a property not only does it lower the bills it also results in the lesser use of 'mechanical bolt ons' such as boilers, meaning they don't work as hard, therefore last longer.

The awareness of solar, wind and ground source power as well as improved insulation and correct ventilation are all factors to be considered when planning the ideal living conditions, with minimal continual outlay. This is without considering the 'passivhaus' standard, resulting in ultra-low energy building that require little energy for space heating and cooling.

Sustainable Economical Builders